We are covering complete financial aspect of your ICO project. From reached soft cap to stable market price.

Not just that, we are also making Investors money even when markets and superman traders are in the red.

Who do we help



Helping your ICO become investment ready by connecting you with the right people & teams. We are a gateway between the traditional and Crypto world connecting ICOs & investors.



Taking care of your token credibility by providing innovative market making services. Protecting token price dumps is something we don’t allow to happen to serious ICOs.



Managed investments into the Crypto projects for people from all over the world. Protecting the investment from illiquidity and maximizing returns.

Services for Crypto companies

Investments in burn money & private sale

Ability to manage investments from all over the world

Execution of “No-whale” policy

Fiat to Crypto & Crypto to Fiat gateway

Active Budget handling

Market making activities

Services for Individuals


Investment handling – ICO private/
burn money investments
Long term Crypto trading


Liquid Mining contracts
Active Crypto trading
Forex trading

Do you fit?

If you care what happens with your project after the ICO you need to start caring before the launch.

Appropriate for companies who are new to crypto space and:

  • Need help with all of the financial aspects of the ICO.
  • Want to reach soft cap.
  • Don’t want their token to be a subject of pumps & dumps.

Appropriate for individuals who:

  • Want to invest into great Crypto projects.
  • Want to sleep at night without nightmares.
  • Don’t want to worry what will happen with their investment during volatile crypto markets.


We are working with many partners who are investing into interesting ICOs or providing different services for ICO projects. If you are interested in connecting with us or sharing interesting projects, let us know.


Want to know how we do it?